Sandy Relief

We have enclosed a PDF of the some of the volunteer work that was done in Staten Island for Hurricane Sandy Relief. Rotarians came from all over to help. Donations were made from Rotarians around the world. We are humbled by the generosity of the people who helped. Here is our story.

Hurricane Relief

Sandy Relief Efforts

Many people have been asking about our Sandy Relief efforts. We is a summary to date. The 5 Rotary Clubs of Staten Island created a power point of some of our Sandy Relief efforts.

5 club

This is a PDF of the same efforts for those who don't have Powerpoint.

5 club

Our Rotary District put this article in their newsletter.

Sandy Summary

Connecticut Rotary Clubs Raise Money For SI Sandy Victims

Connecticut Rotary Clubs Raise Money For SI Sandy Victims
Three Connecticut Rotary Clubs raised more than $14,000 to help Staten Island recover from Hurricane Sandy.

Link to NY1 Article

Avon Rotary and two other Clubs In CT. Contribute to Staten Island Hurricane Victims

Avon Rotary of CT. brought a 42 foot tractor trailer of building supplies, bedding, food, tools and other needed items to the 5 Club Council. (all of the Staten Island Rotary clubs) Zion Lutheran Church took the delivery this Sunday and distributed the sullies to needed families before the day was out. We'd like to say thanks to the Avon club and the two other clubs responsible for the drive. Unfortunately I don't have the names of the other clubs yet but we will repost them. Thanks to Zion Lutheran and their parishioners, Troop 2 Staten Island boy scouts for helping move the supplies and the five Rotary Clubs of Staten Island. Avon Rotary will be visiting December 13th to deliver a monetary donation for Hurricane victim families. Their help is immensely appreciated..

Sunday, Hurricane Sandy Relief Supplies will be Delivered

The Avon Rotary club of CT is Bringing a truckload of supplies to the Zion Lutheran church this Sunday. We need volunteers to give them a warm reception and help the church to receive this relief for Hurricane Sandy victims. Please let me know if you can help. 973-390-4719



Saturday November 24th,

Please look at your calendars This Saturday November 24th,
The five clubs will meet at 9 am Turtle Circle at Father Capodonno Blvd across the street from Hunter Avenue in the parking lot. If you need directions please let me know. We are still in the short term phase.
Please bring Masks, Gloves, Garbage Bags, Brooms, Hammers and other material you can think of.
We will be doing clean up and tearing down sheet rock etc.
ALL South Shore Rotarians please respond to this email if you can be there.
5 club committee from each club please let me know the status of your clubs and have your members contact you directly and then you contact me.
Any one that has homes or businesses that need help being cleaned out etc. please send me a list ASAP so I can have it organized for Saturday. Please confirm that they will be there Saturday and get Phone Number as well as the address

Turkey Basket Delivery

This past Friday, memebers of the 5 Rotary clubs and high school volunteers gathered at the Community Resource Center on Victory Blvd and packaged 1000 Turkey Baskets.  On Saturday morning, with the help of many volunteers in addition to the Rotarians, these baskets were delievered to over 400 individuals and organizations on Staten Island. 


This is an annual event that the 5 Rotary Clubs of Staten Island participate in together.  It was also covered by NY1 last year:–staten-island-rotaries-brighten-thanksgiving-for-over-1-000-families




Weekend of November 10th

This weekend we had Rotarians show up from all five clubs on Staten Island along with NYC, and quite a few from down south. We manned food stations in various areas around Staten Island and pitched in by helping clean out and gut homes. Here are some pics. The Hurricane Sandy clean-up is moving along. while it seems insurmountable local Staten Islanders and volunteers from all over are pitching in and helping to move things along.

Food and Cleaning Supply Collection

Scouts from across Staten Island will be collecting food and cleaning supplies as part of our Scouting for Food effort tomorrow.  All food and cleaning supplies collected by Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts tomorrow will be delivered directory to Project Hospitality.


Scouts will be at the following stores from about 9 AM to 3 PM


·         Shoprite  – 2424 Hylan Blvd In the morning Scouts from Pack 1, which meets at Saint Christopher Church, and in the afternoon Scouts from Pack and Troop  25/125, which meets at Saint Andrews Church in Richmond Town, will be collecting donations.

·         Pathmark – 3501 Amboy Rd  In the morning Scouts from Pack 132, from Holy Child  Church in Annadale, and in the afternoon from Pack 6, which meets at Eltingville Lutheran Church, will be collecting donations.

·         Pathmark – 2875 Richmond Ave In the morning Scouts from Pack and Troop 150, who is sponsored by the Concerned Parents of Great oKills and meets at PS  32, will be collecting donations.

·         Keyfood – 778 Manor Rd In the morning Scouts from Pack and Troop 37, which meet at Saint Teresa Church, and in the afternoon they will have Scouts from Pack and Troop 118 who meet at the Jewish Community Center will be collecting donations.                   


These stores will have units ONLY from about 9 AM to noon


·         Stop & Shop – 2754 Hylan Blvd  will have Scouts from Pack and Troop 41 who meet at Saint Clare’s Church will be collecting donations.                             

·         Keyfood – 450 Forest Ave  will have Scouts from Troop 77 who meet at Our Lady Good Counsel Church and Troop 74 which meets at Sacred Heart Church will be collecting donations.                   


I hope you can stop by one of these stores tomorrow to support this year’s Scouting for Food effort.      

Who Needs Help Due to Hurricane Sandy

If you know of a family that needs help post it here. If you can let us know their contact information and their needs we will try to pass it along to someone that can help. Leave a comment and let us know. We’re listening.