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Connecticut Rotary Clubs Raise Money For SI Sandy Victims

Connecticut Rotary Clubs Raise Money For SI Sandy Victims
Three Connecticut Rotary Clubs raised more than $14,000 to help Staten Island recover from Hurricane Sandy.

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Avon Rotary and two other Clubs In CT. Contribute to Staten Island Hurricane Victims

Avon Rotary of CT. brought a 42 foot tractor trailer of building supplies, bedding, food, tools and other needed items to the 5 Club Council. (all of the Staten Island Rotary clubs) Zion Lutheran Church took the delivery this Sunday and distributed the sullies to needed families before the day was out. We'd like to say thanks to the Avon club and the two other clubs responsible for the drive. Unfortunately I don't have the names of the other clubs yet but we will repost them. Thanks to Zion Lutheran and their parishioners, Troop 2 Staten Island boy scouts for helping move the supplies and the five Rotary Clubs of Staten Island. Avon Rotary will be visiting December 13th to deliver a monetary donation for Hurricane victim families. Their help is immensely appreciated..