Who Needs Help Due to Hurricane Sandy

If you know of a family that needs help post it here. If you can let us know their contact information and their needs we will try to pass it along to someone that can help. Leave a comment and let us know. We’re listening.

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  • admin says:

    I have a personal friend who got wiped out in Breezy Point I am trying to collect clothing in women's size 14-24 and boy clothes 18-24 months anything that could come my way would be greatly appreciated Thanks Gale

  • Matthew says:

    Hi Gale,  Where in Breezy Point?  I have some people who will be out in that area tomorrow.

  • admin says:

    Matt, I messaged Gale Strassberg on facebook to let her know. Hopefully she will contact you shortly.

  • Dear Matt, Breezy Point is on the Bklyn/Queens border though my friends home did not burn to the ground (as 111homes did) they sustained heavy storm damage…they lost everything and only have the clothes on their back  so I am collecting clothes for women size 14-24 and boy clothes 18-24 months shoe sizes are womens 9-9.5 and 8.5 and childrens 5-6 any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. …pleas call me for additional info thanks Gale Strassberg 718-981-9254 or 917-797-5527

  • Dear Matt please call me for address in Breezy Point the family will be there tomorrow Thanks Gale

  • Charles says:

    I emailed you the personal info of the family in need of help in Breezy Point. I also sent you the Rotarian's info too. Call me if you need anything.

  • Benrard del rey says:

    I recieved the name of a couple needing help cleaning out their house.  The address is 33 Groton St – telephone # 917 864-5658.   TYheir names are Theresa and Douglas Stetson.

    • gina diana says:

      to whom it may concern; My name is gina diana I have a family of 7 who are in desperate need of help they are displaced and resources are running out right now they are in a hotel with nowhere to go when the deadline is done they cannot go back to where they lived they were on sand lane south beach if there is any way someone could help it would be so appreciated her name is maryann her contact # is 347-988-6369.Please there are  4 children involved there . sincerly gina

  • Rosemarie Dressler says:

    More than 100 Staten Island Unviersity Hospital employees and and many of our volunteers lost their homes and all their belongings. They are in need of everything. To help please contact me.

  • admin says:



    I will have someone get back to you ASAP.



  • Allison Galdorisi says:

    My house in New Dorp Beach was devasted by Sandy with 5' of water.  We've gutted the house and already have a new furnace.  I could use some help with info / determining if I need more mold remediation.
    My mom's house also took on water and has been mostly gutted.  We need mold remediation for her as well, as well as help with a new bathroom, and floors.
    Thanks for any help you can offer,

  • Ivonne Thiard-Laforet says:

    My friends and I have been making scarves for the Sandy Victims ever since the first snow. I wanted to load my car up with those and several blankets, sweaters, etc and bring them to the victims, but I do not know who would need it most at this point. Please let me know where my contribution would be most needed. thank you

    • admin says:


      What you’re doing for the victims is wonderful, but as you probably already know is the distribution points are loaded with clothing. Many people have given used clothing and it flooded the warehouses. Our last resort for clothing was the Churches. You can call Zion Lutheran on Watchogue Road and the Church at the Gateway in Tottenville. there are many more. If you explain they were made and they are new they ay take them. Good Luck.

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